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Ah the good old days before the internet. Now everyone can find people online who are also into having sex with other people in animal costumes (I once stayed in a hotel that was hosting a Fuzzy convention a few years ago).

But I digress. Once upon a time all we needed was one bike. I could race XC or DH...more

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Lopes file...brilliant.

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so good ... for so many reasons! thanks Sven, Dunc & Mad Dog!!

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Outstanding work guys! I got a few shots down the page on the PB post and just had to come back and re-watch this, to get my head straight... You can't even compare the quality of this product to those yobbos at PB. Keep leading the way and thanks for all your hard work,

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Cash in hand Alan, let me know when it's ready, please offer it with green bits if possible. Cheers

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Is this the first time we have 3 split times + the finish?

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He's going to college, AND working as an intern, after winning senior men's world champs? Shouldn't he be quitting school, buying fast cars, rolexes and a house in Laguna Beach, and doing modeling for some lifestyle brand? DOES NOT COMPUTE

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Ah mate, I love that story! I can see he his face now He's probably enjoying a big growler somewhere right now eh?

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This morning has been a whirlwind of emotions. Trying to fight back tears and sadness, while simultaneously laughing at some of the adventures and stories. Kelly was an amazing person and I'm fortunate enough to have known him for a number of years.

One of the Kelly memories that came up this morning was from 2011...more

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An excellent and honest review of this bike Vital. Based on my experience aboard my "Snuggler", I think you nailed it.

Quick tip to cut down on internal cable noise, instead of trying to keep them 'taught' as you did, push them into the frame as much as you can, so they are always in contact with the frame, and then cinch the zip ties at both ports. Worked a treat for me... no more slapp'n da bass!

Also, for turning this bike up to 11, I'd highly recommend the -1.5 degree Works offset headset.... if you like riding the rowdy steeps that is

Looking forward to seeing how the Smuggler stacks up against the competition!

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He went high, and he went far.

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Was on my '16 Transition Patrol

Used to do it as a matter of course when I bought frames from NukeProof, didn't think I'd need to worry about QC with Transition.

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Hey Tim, shoot me an email. Sent addy via PM - We like to know about these things so we can eliminate them in the future. You can help us help you! Plus, you might get some bearings. With grease!

Added reply in a thread 2016 Racing Rumours 1/4/2016 10:56 AM

Is this what I'm having for dinner?

... more »
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Ok Tim, I'll check that. Just so I'm clear, are you talking about inside the bearing cartridges (as in removing the seals?) What bike was this on?

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Good bet? Do you really think Whiteley is willing to let bygones be bygones even after a fairly public display of frustration...,706 I highly ... more »

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Bike of the Day January 4, 2016!

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Todd - Any plans to do another Trans Provence? We had fun! Also, with Wyn on the team (cheers BTW) will there be a wheelie-specific GT bike coming, and how would one go about designing such a thing? --matt PS. Man-up and ride something other XC and road

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