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Most usefull mount!


The Good: Great product quality. Allows you to be really creative.

The Bad: I haven't found any yet.


This is my go to mount whenever I use the camera. Really secure mount and gives you a lot of flexibility because it can be wrapped around almost anything.

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Added a product review for Contour ROAM Wearable Camcorder 7/25/2013 6:41 AM

Great Budget Action Camera


The Good: -Great product quality. -Great picture/video quality. -Lots of mounting options.

The Bad: -No option to switch modes without a PC. -No preview screen.


I was debating between this camera and the Go Pro Hero2 when I received an amazing deal on the Contour so that made my decision. I have never regret it! The camera works flawlessly. The only thing I miss is that you can not switch the recording mode without connecting the camera to the PC. Battery life is OK, great construction quality for the camera an mounts.

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Thanks moleman!

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Beautiful! Two questions: The stem and bars you are running are aluminum right? Also, what is that 'United Compression cap' just a normal cap or does it have any other function?

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