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The last video was the best LOL

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Ha! That was fantastic. "Pure liquefied garbage"

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Cool story but the footage will most likely make you sick. That drone was drunk.

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Most prototypes aren't!

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WOW what a DUMB video! How about jumping from a 12" curbside to test the same?

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ah but the 34, nice but get the 36 2015, then she will rock

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Having crashed on my motorcycle at a local track and impacting head first after high siding on a left hand high speed turn. the Gopro mounted on top of my hemet was broken off. the helmet was scrapped to all hell and the mount and camera gone. I had ... more ยป

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Good lord can you imagine all the forum posts on this??? "Which carbon discs should I use?" "I just added 3 more carbon discs to the upper middle on my shock and now it is soooo progressive OMG!" "Something...more

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I know the advantages the inverted fork brought to motorcycles. Stiffer front end more responsive steering. I can even relate to the advantages of a dual crown inverted fork. I think if you look at the measurements of this fork i can not see any real advantage to it. besides having a beefier portion of the shock at the top of the fork. maybe i will be swayed more with a test ride.

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Dig the color! sweet ride.

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