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How about our boy Neko Mullaly in 7th - best effort of his career, only 2.7 seconds off the pace! Crush it Neko! Happy to see Gwin shut everyone up, at least partially.

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This Yeti is perhaps one of the best looking ones I've seen. Such dialed setup and the aesthetics of it are bang on; accents in all the right places. Kudos sir.

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Liked a comment about product review 2013 Test Sessions: Yeti SB66 Carbon 4/17/2013 6:18 PM

We agree completely agree with the comments about the Shimano drivetrain. We updated our spec to the new clutched derailleurs and a double crank on the Race and Pro kits as soon as we could, unfortunately the bike we provided for this test had last years Race kit. The clutch derailleurs are really awesome and a great improvement, rarely if ever is a chain dropped and chain slap is nearly nonexistent.

-Nate Espinosa
Yeti Cycles

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