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Hey, I'm doing a report for my English class about Dirt Jumping. First I was wondering if there is anybody who is pretty deep into the discipline that I can interview/e-mail. I also have to write a report about the progression of the sport and industry. ... more »

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I like that double shock set up, that's a very interesting link setup with the fork (if that's what you could call it)

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Christmas Wish List: GT Force 3.0


The Good: Price, components, shred-ablility, fun-ness?

The Bad: Not amazing pedal efficiancy


I demoed this bike at Canyon's resort, Utah. I actually first used it to downhill.  It was fine going down hard blues and blacks. My friend was on a more expensive downhill bike, and I was beating him down and getting bigger air.  The only time I had a slight problem was when I went off of a big drop, but hey! This bike wasn't made for that.  Then I took it all-mountain riding.  Again, it was super fun downhill, it was great uphill until I hit this really steep scree field, and the forks don't completely lock out, so I could really feel my pedal efficiany failing.

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