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Lars, since your reading this - how do you clean the crap, mud, etc, out of these tubes? Or is this designed as a sunny day-only helmet? Seriously.

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Bike of the Day March 23, 2013!

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HNcreature, I love my Hammerschmidt. I have two bikes built with this, the TR-250 and the Bandit 29. It can be a bit noisy while pedaling in the larger gear - be fair warned - but there is no substitute for how quickly one can make huge shifts easily and without worry of chain-suck.

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I have great respect for sports photographers of Gary's caliber. Having spent much of my career behind the camera in the studio, I fully appreciate what it takes to obtain outstanding photos in uncontrolled situations.

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Way to rip it Luke! Nice riding, nice edit. :-)

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Brian Lopes. The Man, The Myth, The Legend.

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