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Great DJ I Have a 2011 Though


The Good: Over all quality, and completely bullet proof. Also tapered head tube, Dj 2's, really sweet grips, great seat and post, awesome all around tires, sick KMC Kool chain, and nice stainless spokes, Comes with hooked up parts all around. Very few complaints.

The Bad: Its heavy 31 lbs, nothing I can't work with. Pedals look like they will break, Its only sold in Canada, and if there was no employee purchase program this moficky would cost 2 G's!


Awesome, smooth, and a very solid legit feel from this bike. Super controllable and spinable. So if you have the opportunity to get one, do it. Rockymountain puts fine good details big and small in every bike from hand laced wheels to random good seat clamps, And the kid down the street wont have one.

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