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Get Great Value And Graphics With This Helmet


The Good: First - It's a BELL helmet. They're a leader in the helmet industry, not just for bikes, but just about every type of helmet there is. Second - To compliment the great fit and protective features, the graphics are finally up to snuff. Not sure what made BELL finally decide to make helmets that look good, but someone in the arts and crafts department knows what their doing. Thanks for that.

The Bad: Nothing is wrong here. The price is great, the fit is great, and it looks good. Check, check, and check...

Overall: If you're looking to save around $50 over the premium lids, this is the helmet. You can also check out the Giro Hex, also a great lid for the $.

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Added a product review for Deity Dirty30 2010 Handlebar 12/23/2010 12:59 AM

Great bar from and Idaho Based Company


The Good: Great feel, nice and wide, appealing graphics, great company to work with.

The Bad: Notta, Zilch, Zip...

Overall: First I gotta give props to Deity for making fantastic components at great prices. They're doing a great job. The Dirty30 is exception. It looks great, has modest price, and the angles are spot on. I'm currently using this bar on my Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon, which I feel must be a winning combo because I feel the bike can be ridden anywhere. Sure it can't be all the bars doing - but, it is where my hands go, and they like it. Otherwise, the bar looks great and attracts a lot of attention. Which is good or bad depending if you need attention I guess. Definitely adds value to any bike. Five Stars.

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Added a product review for Banshee Rampant Frame 12/23/2010 12:46 AM

Potentially The Best DJ/Urban/4Cross Frame Available


The Good: Incredible stability even at high speeds, awesome steering control, fun inspiring ride quality, stiff and durable frame, comes with a seatpost, spare bushings and extra derailleur hanger.

The Bad: Slightly longish chainstays, no option to run Maxle or thru-axle. Minor bitches really...

Overall: I've spent the entire summer riding this bike just about everywhere. In fact it's the bike I choose to ride to work on every day because it's just fun to ride anywhere. I'm not much of dirt jumper but if you read other reviews you'll know this bike is more than capable in that arena. What I can tell you is that this frame shines in just about every other scenario from slalom racing, to mini-DH, to Super D racing, and even XC riding. All of which I've done on the Rampant. I really didn't intend to use this bike for XC because I have other bikes that would work better; But I was pumped to ride it once I got it built and it was Wednesday, which meant our weekly XC group ride was happening so I said "what the hell". Anyway, I found out the Rampant can actually climb pretty well, but more important - it rips on the high-speed descents with amazing stability considering it's small size and shortish travel. In the cornering department, it can do no wrong in my eyes. I turn the bar, lean, look, and it goes there. Durability has been a non issue so far. The bushing have held up well and the fame still looks good after a spring, summer, fall, and now winter of almost daily riding. I haven't even lubed the bushings yet because nothing feels wrong. On a positive note: Banshee goes the extra mile by including extra bushings and a spare derailleur hanger, which means if you do have an accident you're not left hanging for even a moment. You can fix it and forget it. The industry could really learn from that move. I can also say Banshee has been a great company to work with from a dealer perspective. Great guys and great service. The bad points are very minor IMO - the chainstays are slightly long, but I'm sure they help contribute to the bikes sure footed stability. Plus I can still get it to manual and wheelie so what more do you need? My other qualm - no option for T-A or Maxle is maybe a little more important to me because I have wheels I could run, but the frame is laterally very stiff and I haven't fell a hint of flex that a solid axle system would help. This bike definitely delivers the goods as promised. Five Stars.

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Excellent Agressive Trail Or Light All Mountain Bike


The Good: Stiff frame, fun nimble handling, great climber, decent weight.

The Bad: Better suited for heavy trail use. Could use a slightly slacker head angle.

Overall: To be honest, I've only had a handful of rides on my GT, but I can say the bike has longish feeling top tube and climbs exceptionally well. Despite the longer than normal feeling reach, steering is on the quick side, and it may be because of the 69 degree head angle. The quick steering make the bike feel nimble and fun, but a bit of a hand full when the trail starts to get steep. I wouldn't consider it a ride killer by any means, just be prepared. The I-Drive suspension provides a nice, quiet ride lacking much chain slap, and the high-forward pivot does a great job of sucking up square edged hits. Chain growth is kept in check via the floating bottom bracket. It takes bit to wrap your mind around the design, but you can definitely feel it working. The bike has responsive feel at the pedals despite some minor bobbing visible when watching the shock while pedaling (which I don't recommend). I'd definitely recommend this bike to anyone looking for a trail bike with long travel. If you're going All Mountain, go with a Santa Cruz Nomad or Butcher, or a Banshee Spitfire or Rune. Those bikes have slacker head angles and the handling attributes of a proper all mountain bike IMO. I give the Force Carbon four stars only because GT put it in the All Mountain category. It would easily get five stars as a trail designated frame/bike.

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