Added a product review for Lizard Skins Lock On Grips Bonus Pack 9/19/2012 2:32 PM

Northshore Grips


The Good: Padded, grippy, feel great without gloves, you can customize your clamp color and lettering if you oder through Lizard Skins!

The Bad: Tear easily


These grips are absolutely amazing if you have bigger hands (or like thicker grips) and like to wear no gloves (it's not like you can't wear gloves with these grips). I don't wear gloves when I ride and it's really hard to find a comfortable grip that doesn't hurt your hands without gloves! Then I finally found these and was very impressed. These grips are thick so they offer really good padding. The soft compound helps absorb the shock from bumps and don't wear down. If you crash, the grips might tear due to it being a softer grip. Another huge plus for me is that you can call lizard skins and they let you choose your clamp color and add your own lettering for no extra cost. I got these with gold clamps and the name of the shop I worked at and they are super rad. I'll definitely be buying these grips again

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Added a product review for Dakine Descent Short 9/17/2012 3:20 PM

Well built shorts


The Good: Look good, breathability, zippered pockets, adjustable waist strap, comfortable

The Bad: Run long, can't get them in any other color than black or camo (as of this year)


These shorts are great but they run really long and they run a size bigger than normal. I ordered a medium which is a 32-34 inch waist and they were still a little big. I wear a 32" waist and I have to tighten the waist strap all the way to get them tight on my waist. I think they look really good. I don't like their color options for this year because they only offer black or camo. Maybe next year they will come out with more and better colors. At least black shorts will go with any jersey. The stitching is really good and hasn't come undone or started fraying. The zippered pockets are nice to put your phone,keys, or money in. The mesh is very breathable and comfortable. I also like that there is a tailbone pad built into the rear waist of the shorts for some added protection. These shorts are a quality pair of shorts that will serve your descent riding needs. Other than the shorts being really long, these are great shorts

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Added a product review for RockShox Boxxer RC Fork 9/13/2012 12:27 PM

Simple Fork


The Good: Light, plush, easy to rebuild

The Bad: Front axle comes lose often


This fork is a really good option if you like stiff suspension. If you don't then you'll probably have to swap the spring to a lighter one (if your on the lighter side). The controls are really simple: compression and rebound. Most people don't even know how to properly set up their World Cup forks so why buy one? The RC is very basic and will feel good over roots, rocks, drops or whatever else the trails throw at you. My only complaint would be that I loose traction in the corners because I run my suspension really stiff the fork wont settle down in the corners because there isn't a high/low speed compression option. I also find that the seals start to leak about a month after you first use it. It's a great fork and has served me very well.

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Added a product review for SDG I-Fly I-Beam Storm AW Saddle 9/13/2012 10:22 AM

Feel like a Factory Rider


The Good: Light, looks cool, no rails to bend, grippy for wet conditions, slim design

The Bad: Expensive, uncomfortable, have to buy an I-Beam seat post if you don't already have one


This seat makes your bike look like a world cup race bike. I've had no issues with mine in the past year that i've been running it. The I-Beam is super rad and I think it looks good and functions better than a seat with rails. It's really easy to adjust. The only problem is that you have to go and buy a new seat post if you don't already have an I-Beam. I like that if you crash there aren't any rails to bend so you would have to crash really hard to mess up the I-Beam tabs. Sitting on it for a minute isn't bad but if you just sit on it for like 5 minutes in the parking lot talking to your buddies it gets uncomfortable. When you ride DH/FR you never really sit on your seat so it's not a big deal. If you want to spend the money on this seat... do it!!

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Added a product review for Sun Ringle MTX Rim 9/12/2012 2:14 PM

Cheap Option


The Good: Convert to tubeless easily Fairly light Low price point Deep sidewalls keep tubeless tires on and don't burp off the rim

The Bad: Hard to get tires on and off (dual ply) because of the deep sidewalls


These originally came on one of my bikes and I immediately converted them to tubeless with stans tubeless strips. I seated a dual ply 3C non-tubeless tire first try and didn't need to add anymore stans in the tire for a year. The deep rim walls are great at keeping the tire from burping off of the rim. I had 4 really bad flat spots on my rim and it still held tubeless with no issues. If you do end up bottoming out the tire to the rim you will most likely get a flat spot so I wish they were a little stronger. But for the price I'm not complaining. Great choice for a Fr/Dh rider on a budget or even a great spare rim to keep around.

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Added a product review for Mavic Ex 823 Disc Rim 9/11/2012 10:39 PM

Strong as Hell


The Good: Strong Durable Tubeless MAVIC

The Bad: They take a little longer to lace up


I worked at a bike shop for a few years and this was by far the best selling rim that I laced onto everyones hubs. We couldn't keep these in stock because they just fly off the shelves. I never had one person come back with any issues and after a couple of years these rims stay in great shape. I had to build myself a set and I have never even thought about changing rims since. I love that I get tubeless capability and the bead of any tire seats very well. This is why you see World Cup DH riders running these rims. Get yourself a set. You can't go wrong

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Added a product review for FOX Van RC Coil Rear Shock 9/11/2012 10:19 PM



The Good: Reliable, reliable, reliable!! Simple

The Bad: Not as much adjustment as higher end models


This shock is filled with nitrogen, which is why it is so reliable. It's a "mini" dirt bike shock basically. You don't have to check any air adjustments before you ride. Plus nitrogen doesn't heat up as fast so it maintains performance on long runs. And if it ever does fail on you, you can take it to a motorcycle suspension mechanic instead of having to ship it to Fox (this voids your warranty though). I'll take this over an overpriced "high end" shock any day when the money is coming out of my own wallet.

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Added a product review for 2013 Kona Supreme Operator Bike 9/11/2012 9:59 PM

Great Bike


The Good: Shimano part spec Handles great

The Bad: Cheap paint on frame Downtube is very exposed


After riding a buddies 2011 Operator I immediately put my name on the list for a 2012. I ride a large frame and have been riding mine for a year now. I love the top tube length because I find that a lot of other bikes feel too jammed. The top tube length just feels very natural. I also like the longer wheelbase because it handles so well on fast and steep runs. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to turn the bike because of the long wheelbase, but I haven't had any issues making tight off cambers. The paint on the frame is really cheap and doesn't make the bike stand out. I also would have liked Kona to integrate a better chain stay protector because this bike gets more chain slap than anything else i've rode. Another thing is that Kona needs to put a down tube protector on the bike as well because rocks get kicked up from the front wheel and have dented my down tube by the bottom bracket numerous times. Overall it's a great bike but I would wrap the chain stay really good and zip tie a one foot part of an old tire to the lower part of the down tube in order to prevent denting

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Added a product review for SixSixOne Rage Knee Guard 9/11/2012 9:37 PM

A comfortable knee pad


The Good: Super confortable Don't slip down

The Bad: Seem bulky at first


My initial thoughts when I first wore these knee guards were that they were really comfy (more so than the kyle straights). They seemed a little bulky at first but the more I wore then the more they seemed to fit more condense around my knee. One of the problems I was having with my old knee guards (kyle straits) were that the straps stretched out over time and my knee guards would fall down when riding. The Rage are built with better quality straps now and have not given me any issues of slipping down on my knee. I wear these now matter what kind of riding i'm doing there that comfortable. I would definitely purchase these again.

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Aaron Gwin- 3:45
Rachel Atherton- 4:10

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Aaron Gwin 2:22:500
Rachel Atherton 2:52:388

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Aaron Gwin: 3:14:302
Rachel Atherton: 3:55:299

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Added a comment about feature Win a Cane Creek Double Barrel Air and AngleSet! Vital OTB Sea Otter 4/19/2012 10:54 PM

Aaron Gwin 2:05.39
Melissa Buhl 2:26.32

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Added a comment about video MIKES -Red Bull 8000 1/18/2012 11:04 AM

black market already makes bmx frames... its called S&M. same company...

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I'm so lucky to be Brandon Semenuk's dog cuz he absolutely shreds in this film. All the other dogs are way jealous

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