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Is this a test review or just telling me what they are......

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CB just keeps doing so much so right! EPO and now this! Proof that a rider owned company is where its at.

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That 3 minute video was better than the last 10 full length DH/MTB movies I've seen combined.

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Renthal stem review


The Good: Light, stiff, design, quality

The Bad: None after 3 years


Been rocking this stem for three years now and i still have nothing bad to say about it. It is a nicely engineered two piece design with all excess material removed to bring it's weight down to 150grams with the bolts. As stiff as some other brands big blocky stems that weight 250g. It is very easy to remove and put back since you don't have to disassemble it to remove from the fork steerer. The price is a bit steep but you get the proven Renthal quality and a component that gonna follow you on more than one bike build. By the way, Thompson stems are highly overrated...

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Very inspiring!

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Its the worst pos i ever had to pedal up a hill... and its travel is nowhere near bottomless.
But then, its a downhil racing weapon, and the best i ever owned. Love it.

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In Earthed 4, Nico Vink ride the "1837" in Mt Sainte-Anne and the bottom part of the old WC track.
Very Steep, rocky singletrack.

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Aaron Gwin 4:08:68
Tracey Hannah 4:50:00

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