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my future bike

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my first dirt jump bike( carl )


The Good: the bike is very light, strong and trickable( 28.5 pounds). the tires have amazing traction which gives good performance on the trails.

The Bad: for pros, the bars could have been a bit wider and the gyro lead you to the loss of braking power. I took off my gyro after a little, and the brakes worked a lot better. then i had to lower my seat. I replaced my grips for the deity classics and they gave me more confidence on the trails.Also the fork, once i used it, was very loose

Overall: overall, the bike is great, i recommend it to anyone looking for a nice decent looking ride who is looking forward to a hard hitting dirt jumper. i recommend taking the gyro off because you get better braking power on the trails. This is my first dirt jump bike so i cant compare this to anything, besides my specialized hardrock.

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i want to bar hump your dirt jumper

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