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This makes me extremely interested in something I previously didn't care about one tiny bit. Kudos to Ghost.

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The 36 is stiffer and lighter than the BOS I had before, and the 10mm extra travel is nice, especially on this bike that already has a low BB. The Float X2 climb switch works better than the one on the Kirk, which always made such awful noises and had an "edgier" platform feel with a fragile, damage-prone lever. The X2 feels plusher at the beginning, both the X2 and the Kirk had good mid-stroke support. The x2 stays more consistent when it warms up, I had strange performance/temperature variations with the Kirk. I also had a few more warranty/reliability issues with BOS than I am used to.

I liked the BOS suspension quite a bit, when it came out I think it was quite ahead of the competition. The DeVille felt a bit plusher right in the initial stroke than this 36, and the BOS stuff seemed to have a wider adjustment range, but I feel I am able to make more subtle adjustments with the fox units. Overall I feel like I went from four-stars to four-and-a-half with the numerous small improvements with Fox.

Ah, regarding clearance: It's really close, about 1-2mm and I had to mod the mount a bit. No issues whatsoever at this point. I believe there are some changes to the shock mount on the 2017 models to give more room now that the Float X2 will be standard on the X-Team model.

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Cool vid! Mark my words... the Patagonia park ranger shorts with mini sock-lettes look is coming to Enduro...

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"coming it at 507g with a 32t direct mount ring. This compared to the other offerings on the market is very competitive, coming in roughly 40g lighter than another key manufacturer's carbon crank"

Really?? More like 60 grams heavier than the benchmark!

Better options abound....

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So they just introduce narrow-wide and power link \O/

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Maybe it was produced by their Shifter Integration Ergonomics team... they must have hired all the guys in charge of designing remotes at Fox...

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On the TR29 version I recommend running the fork at 130mm with the new Fox Factory 34.

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The m 10 version (and h10) is mounted with 2x11 AND a 1x option in the box.
All of the orbea are available with a Good list of options, you can have a reverb or xt braking kit for example on the m10 for a very nice price.
the volume spacer kit is also in the option list and is perfect, it...more

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Man those 24s look like they can roll over anything!

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Hey there! Yeah, the Pike on mine is 130mm so it's probably similar. I just rode it yesterday for the first time and it feels like I have some volume spacer homework to do, both front and rear, but I won't be sure for another few rides especially since it was my first proper MTB ride in a few months. Ended up flipping the stem for higher bars but other than that it felt good!

I went RS instead of Fox because I already had the Pike and I wanted to give the Debonair a try.

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Exactly. It comes down to how budgets are used. As a smaller company, YT might only have, say, 800K (I doubt it's that low) allocated for global marketing but if they decide it's a good move to put 40% of that towards developing a DH program that includes ... more »

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I like white saddles and grips on a bike or two! It's fun going the opposite direction of conventional wisdom sometimes and go the Roadie route, it ain't gonna kill me. Yeah, I have to clean them but I have to clean my bike anyway. But regarding the ... more »

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It's funny you mention the Struggler because it's one of my favorite bikes. The spec, price, geometry and suspension are all dialed, but it's a different beast. And when I say beast it's a beast. The weight and the plusher suspension are perfect for rougher terrain, If you want a super-capable bike I think that's the one. If you want something quite a bit lighter, the Occam is going to be racier and more efficient. I built mine with a more "trail" spec than what comes standard, with wider riser bar, shorter stem, bigger tires. I actually have 2.3 Minion and Minion SS on there now because they're not any heavier than the Highrollers. Feel free to mssg. me if you want more details.

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I appreciate the high levels of disregard in this edit.

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