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Added a product review for 2014 Specialized Epic Marathon Carbon Bike 2/13/2014 3:12 PM

I'm loving it


The Good: ride, handling and the fit

The Bad: too early to say, not keen on the colour but does look nicer close uo


3 rides so far from road to gloopy mud. just changed from the 2012 expert epic and had epics before in 26" wheels. The fit is perfect for me and the handling and power delivery is ideal for the fast xc riding I enjoy. Suspension does seem better than the earlier models - although I had no complaints on those, I always wanted rigid (pedal) feel but with suspension compliance for my old(er) bones. The Epics deliver that fantastically well, super quick, exciting to ride and always rewarding. The Marathon feels stunningly quick. Raced a boy racer in a Nova SR making loads of noise tonight, I recon I accelerated faster...

I am not as young as I was and the Epics have made me faster than I ever was. loving it.

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Added a product review for 2012 Specialized Epic Expert Carbon 29 Bike 2/13/2014 2:58 PM

Loved it for 2 years then bought a Marathon


The Good: Handling, speed, fit

The Bad: rear freewheel was very noisey until I serviced it then fine. Brakes had air problems - until I serviced them then fine


Fantastic bike, every ride made me smile and every ride was faster than I thought I had in me. Great on knarley stuff and equally good on the road. The perfect bike (for me)

Just let my lad have it so I could buy a 2014 Marathon. 3 rides so far and its shaping up to be even better.. Although I don't like the black as much

This product has 1 review.

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