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Please find my first post on this thread and the response. If you read between the lines it basically sums up all you need to know. Cliff Notes.... This is a for profit entity that exists to provide us with content that is paid for by bike businesses. ... more »

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Because this forum is part of a marketing business.

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So if you have confirmed information on signings do you not drop the news due to fear of being blacklisted and potential advertiser impacts to this website? Been curious how the dichotomy of 'marketing conduit' and that of information published for public ... more »

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Here is some non sponsored content industry insider information. This technology is still in the very early stages and it will likely be many many many years till we see it take off for say biking applications. Some of the reasons below; 1) IP. Thanks ... more »

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C138_screen shot 2012-07-10 at 12.22.33 pm

There is also the Enduro EVO models that have yet to be released.
See here

This bike will boast 180mm travel front and rear and is the reason the Big S will be dropping the SX Trail. Me thinks this will be a beefed up and more DH oriented version that some of you folks are calling for.

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