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Jon rides 26 inch wheels though... cheater

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It's 24.6 clean
2 position fork (140/120) and it absolutely rips!
probably the best bike ever made for central Oregon's geography, but the kind of bike that makes any trail real fun.

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Most Enduro


The Good: Looks and Fits better than any helmet around. Lots of protection, works with glasses and goggles on most heads..

The Bad: price, still not quite as many colorways as we'd like to see,


The A1 is by far and away the best fitting helmet we've tried - we know what you're thinking; fit is subjective, and you're right, but this one seems to fit almost everyone who tries it on.

The guys at Troy Lee did a great job tailoring the A1 to it's target audience - it's about as enduro as you can reasonably look. By that we mean that it works well with goggles and has plenty of protection (more occipital protection than just about any other half-shell) all that and it vents surprisingly well.

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Top dollar, Top dog


The Good: It's Fast. Really Fast.

The Bad: The price, clearly. Few can justify spending 10g's on a bike, but those who can will appreciate a ride that is truly next-level. Also, in reference to the factory build: A bike of this caliber probably ought to come with carbon bars, and we certainly prefer a shorter stem. Shorter even than we might run on it's smaller-wheeled brother, so as to quicken the steering of such big wheels.. We've found that it behaves quite nicely with something around 40mm. Wider bars are nice too. Other small frustrations are the proprietary rear hub spacing, and shock mounts. but we understand that both are concessions that must be made for a bike to handle the way this one does.


In fact fast is a bit of an understatement, If you've ridden wagon wheels before you're acutely aware of their propensity for gathering speed, but the likelihood is that as soon as you encountered the need to change direction, quickly or otherwise, the frame that held them began to feel real big. Not so with Specialized's E29 - it's only 6mm longer than it's 26-inch-wheeled counterpart, and once you've overcome the novelty of looking down at a giant front tire, you'll likely forget that you're aboard a 29er at all.

Even in the more affordable Comp version (which is not light, by the way) this bike's geometry show's the designers' genius. It's an absolute monstertruck and it can manual, air and rip turns like you'd never believe. It's when you start to shed weight, trading Alloy for Carbon, 2x10 for 1X11, and especially when you take the plunge and mount up the Roval Carbon Traverse SL Wheels, that the Enduro becomes a vessel for time travel. Heck it'll even knock a couple minutes off the climb you have to sweat before things start to point down.

If there's one gripe we have about the S-works Enduro, or the aptly appointed Carbon Expert, it's that it takes just a bit more gas to really feel it jump forward, but we tend to ignore that fact as we find that the momentum it carries more than makes up for that small note. At any rate the solution for that is simple - just man up & crank!

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Benchmark bolt-on


The Good: The narrow/wide tooth profile is an absolute must-have on any 1x setup. Ditch your chain-guide and actually improve chain-retention, for less than $40. Absolute no-brainer.

The Bad: A bit louder than the Sram offering, but that's really splitting hairs.


If you're one of the many people running a 1x setup, but still have yet to shell out for XO1 or XX1, this is the only way to go. Chain management has never been better, and the versatility of the 104 BCD is unmatched. Then you look at the price tag - there's probably no better way to improve your AM, FR or DH bike for $35.

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