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Added a product review for Onza IBEX Tire 10/23/2013 12:33 PM

Ibex for different riding styles


The Good: last long grip in all kinds of conditions light "cheap"

The Bad: prone to flatties


I've been riding the Ibex on my DH bike as well as my Enduro. I have to admit that those Tyres were the best allround tyres I'Ve had on my Enduro. They were light and have excellent grip in all weather conditions. They had more grip than the Highroller II on my DH rig but the biggest problem was the prone to flat tyres. I had flats almost every time I went to a bikepark. Even on tours I was the one who had to problems while maxxis riders didn't have one puncture. A friend switch to ghetto tubeless with the 2.4 Ibex and hadn't haf a single flat since then. Time to change a few things

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