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That clarifies it a bit. the problem is the review read a bit like my Giant Reign experience. Lots of shock tweaking ie vlume reducer experiments leading to a bomb proof 150mm rear end let down a bit by a flexy fork. My Reign in 26" did duty as a road bike this weekend and outgunned plenty of people (noobs no doubt) on road bikes. It has also been used on multiday mtb rides. So, a versatile bike is nothing new. The difference is mine can still bomb a dh line and will be even more capable once i fit the Pike I have coming in a day or so... Just saying. The Trek does sound good - its light and fast. If money is no object buy it and a proper dh/enduro bike I guess :-)

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This review felt a bit alien on vital. A 120mm "trail bike" being ridden on dh like lines and requiring a lot of tuning to get it right. Thats a lot of tweaking on a $9k bike. The review doesnt read like the bike deserves 4 stars and frankly the reactive damper sounds more like a marketing ploy than anything ground breaking. Acronyms sell bikes seems to be Treks motto...

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Id go with the Stans. They are probably the easiest rims to inflate any tyre on that I have ever used - bar actual UST rims. For Texas, the Arch's will be just fine...

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Felt like I was there, wishing I really was - amazing coverage, well done.

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If it's not a downhill track then why did a downhill rider on a downhill bike beat an enduro rider on an enduro bike??

Maybe go check the track out before judging the course based on a few bad GoPro edits.. Its insanely fast with massive jumps; but also a fair amount of tech.

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Sorry but Maxxis tires rule, If Schwalbe made a durable tire, than they would be on to something

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Nice review. I have exactly the same problem with my Reign 1 size L dropper post. I have to run it quite high in the seat tube and the 100mm drop is not quite enough at times. With a 50mm stem and more weight over the back, my bike has no rear braking issues.

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Go Cotic, go!

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Have to say i would not have been as nice - well done on keeping your cool. A buddy once stopped dead in front of me for no reason. I braked but my knuckles hit the back of his saddle took weeks to heal. How long agao was this - those riders looked like teenage mutant ninja turtles.

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Another great Vital review rather than a product promo like so many other bike sites. I am going to check my Fox 150 Talas to see if it binds as well, for interests sake.

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not enough Red Bull...too much Rampage... haha

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Well he'd have done it if it was 650b for sure.

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29er enduro anyone?

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$12 K - insane

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The "one" bike?


The Good: Looks great, love the blue/black/white frame colours and matching fork and wheels. Decent wide bars (730mm) , MRP chain guide, dropper post and full slx 2x10 drivetrain are the component highlights. The bike pedals like a champ and defies its weight on the climbs - its deep suspension soaks up the bumps and it cruises the climbs. On the downs, the bike is stable thanks to the slack head angle (67 deg) and rails the corners. The bike has stacks of grip and is easy to control even when sliding. The TALAS fork is brilliant for climbing. With the right tyres it is huge fun on the downs and can be pushed hard in corners.

The Bad: The bike is let down by the CTD shocks I think. I am still tweaking the fork and have added float fluid to the airchamber to make it more progressive and not dive too much in descend mode. Not quite there yet though. The shock is better, but the bike does not always feel as if it has 150 mm travel. I think it also requires a more progressive air spring and am waiting for a spacer kit to tune it. Off drops and jumps it sometimes feels harsher than I think it should (comparing it to the 100mm bike I used to use on the same terrain). Only other gripe I had initially was the low BB - i solved the problem by adding air to the shock and running it in trail mode. The stock tyres are weak and not up to being run tubeless with an agressive rider. They tried to burp off the rim on several ocassions and I eventually destroyed the rear tyre after 5 rides. Now running a Purgatory and Hans Dampf Super Gravity on the front.


Overall this is a pretty amazing bike - the rear suspension design allows efficient pedalling and uphills are easy despite the weight -which with decent tyres is around 14.5 kg. Desceding the rough stuff was not the revelation I had hoped it would be but the bike is extremely competent.After 14 rides, I am still sorting the suspension  and I think it will be a great descender once I am finished with it. It definitely has the capacity to be the One bike that does everything. I would race an XC/marathon race on it with a longer stem and lighter tyres. Best of all, this is the last of the 26" Reigns and possibly the last Reign ever!

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Should I also be upset cos I bought a sixer Reign in 2013 :-)

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Only prob is the EWS aint concluded - not by a long shot. Whistler and then 2 more in Euro land.

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Good one Nigel...

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