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thanks for the feedback everyone. @drewnobi, i'll see about overcast...we're new to all of this. @ahab, i've done 4 other interviews (and am doing a 5th one today). they'll probably launch every week or so for now and will try to keep the momentum up throughout the season. it's...more

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A line has to be straight, to be great!

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We hear your feedback on the q-factor. Some riders prefer the shorter stock spindles for better clearance in tight trail conditions, while others prefer the longer spindles for stability and foot clearance from the cranks. We now offer a separate long spindle kit for...more

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Needles is retiring from racing but will continue as an ambassador for a soon to be announced brand!

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I rode the high-end model for a few days this summer and really liked it. I felt very comfortable on it right away and it blew my mind how well it pedals. It's very responding, but gets a bit nervous at high speeds, with that I agree. I didn't think it was too bad for a trail bike, though. On some hits I also felt like the shock extends very fast for the first few centimeters and then slows down, but this was very rare.
As a trail bike it's pretty spot on, if you're looking for something to smash the uphills and still get down every trail with a grin on your face.

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A little update: I got the Allsports IMC Lacer brace for over a year now and I'm very happy with it. It has very little to no wear (even though I ride like 2-3 times a week at least) and it's very comfortable, I don't think about it at all anymore, even ... more »

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What about Reece Wilson?

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still no, TLD already confirmed keeping Shaw (read the damn thread) and Vergier rode for 661 and 100% before.

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No, Vergier on Fox, Shaw on TLD

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maybe, but it looks very different, and I think it's a lot smarter to clamp it in the front, so why change it?

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It's not a Boxxer, the upper crown doesn't match, the Boxxer crown is clamped in the front. So probably an Öhlins prototype, but where does that picture come from, it's not on his instagram..?

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Rad-Art in Ilmenau, East Germany - best mechanics I know, great support for racers, very nice team. Also formerly owned by the guys that now do all of the IXS-Cup races, one of the current owners still builds some of the IXS-Cup tracks, including the

... more »
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I have ridden a Specialized Levo on my local trail for a few days and I think it's awesome! The thing is, I wouldn't even consider replacing my Enduro bike with this, it's more like another discipline. It does things very well that my Enduro bike sucks ... more »

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What? Werksteam = Factory Team Werk = Factory, Team = Team and the "s" is in there for the fun of it.

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