Added a comment to jaksvobo's bike check 9/18/2015 1:33 PM

What make is your frame?

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Added a comment about feature Mangled Mongo - 2 Years Later, Sven Martin Fixes his Broken Arm 11/5/2014 1:28 AM

Remember Dallas Oberholzer ?

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Added a comment about video What Is The Most Efficient Pedalling Style? Testing Flat Vs. Clipless Pedals 11/1/2014 9:40 PM

PLEASE could you do another experiment: Test the difference between weight of the bike vs weight of the rider (i.e. is an lb saved on the bike going to produce more efficiency that an lb off the gut)

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Added a comment to Pastizzi Boy's bike check 2/13/2014 3:32 PM

Just needs white tyres.

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Added bike check Gravityfreak's Morewood 1/15/2014 4:24 PM
Added a comment about feature Can't Afford XX1? Massive 42 Tooth OneUp Components Sprocket Could Be Your Solution 11/30/2013 6:58 PM

I'd have to run my chain really long to cope with that range and the suspension induced chain growth. Would mean a LOT of chain slap in the higher gears

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Added a comment about member blog WPDH 2013 - Round 3 - Jonkershoek 5/4/2013 8:43 PM

You take great photo's man

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Added a comment about video Marooned - The Island Files 2/28/2013 11:00 PM

I get way more enjoyment out of this kinda video than I do watching the ubiquitous edit of guys on DH bikes in full face helmets.

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Added a comment about video Shredding White Ranch With Momentum Trail Concepts 2/26/2013 4:18 PM

Must be trick photography because 29er's are apparently so much faster than 26ers

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Added a comment about video Sprung 5 Replay: Arai, Japan World Cup 8/16/2011 4:26 PM

So awesome. I'm gonna dig out my Sprung 5 DVD and watch it tonight.

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