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super sweet edit there VitalMTB!!! Question, what is a proper bar drag? Can it be clipping something with your bar on anything anywhere or bar drag a corner? and if its a corner, does the bar drag become invalid if the inside is built up? Whatever the answer, sweet vid, cant wait to see what ya'll pick!!! Also, what that guy \/ \/ \/ said, you guys rock and thanks!!!

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here's me commenting on my video, nice work Conner! sick edit!

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I found on my local XC trail a pretty dirty DVD, something like oldthraogagers#2, worst part, i had a good idea who had it before!!! it stayed right there in the trail, gross.

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Coaching with Scott Sharples!!! Super stoked!!!!!

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i call it Georgia butt fudge!

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yeah you did que-ball! this is the epitome of mega tuck!!!

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yo, i didnt know that i tabled this!!!

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Sick photo! go Gene!!!!

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YO! Brian Buell snaking Graeme's account really quick. Thanks for all of the support, could not actually really reach me down there, but its awesome to see how in to it you guys were. It was the hardest race weekend I have ever endured! In the end, super ... more ยป

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this is terrible!!! that is criminal intent and he can be prosecuted for it, somebody should take his ass to court for all he is worth. that is,of course, aside from being a complete tool.

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ill buy his book!!! awesome that he does trials moto!!! see everybody, trials works!

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Added a product review for Answer ProTaper 780 DH Handlebar 3/16/2010 7:00 PM

780 hangers!


The Good: wide, clear measurement marks for cutting, nice bend, stiff enough for DH and hucking, but has slight give for vibration assist.

The Bad: paint scratches a little too easily

Overall: Very good handle bars that give you comfort and control in a sweet looking package! at 780mm these bars are some of the widest on the market, but that doesn't mean some of us shorter riders cant cut the down a bit with the easy to use cut markers.

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Added a product review for Intense Tire Systems Invader Tire 3/16/2010 6:55 PM

invade this!


The Good: excellent tire, good tread pattern, sticky rubber that doesnt wear out so fast, solid performance in most conditions.

The Bad: haven't found any yet

Overall: very good all around tire. it has a great tread pattern to begin with but it can easily be altered with the good old side-cutters to make it perform in varying conditions! the rubber compound might not be as soft as competing companies but it performs as well as or better than the others, plus they last longer!!! they rock in 90% of conditions riders and racer come across and with some creativity can be a mud tire too!

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Added a product review for ODI Ruffian Lock-On Grips 3/16/2010 6:46 PM

Ruffian report


The Good: Very nice grip compound that is sticky and soft so you dont slip at all and have small vibration absorption. solid proven design. small diameter fits smaller hands and reduces arm pump. can be customized to match you bike or patriotism!!!!

The Bad: bummer when the white ones get dirty. scratching the personalized laser etching!

Overall: Great grip that has been tested and used by pros for many years and for good reason. they are awesome!!! weather you are dong DH, dirt jumping, XC or even trials these grips will let you feel in control!!!

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Added a product review for FSA Orbit Xtreme Pro 1.5R Headset 3/12/2010 12:12 AM

Orbit Extreme Pro 1.5R


The Good: Seamless installation, no surprises. Deep cup insertion - no rocking ever, no ovalized head tubes. The bearings are huge, so no worries for huckers. Looks like it came out of the Lockheed test facility.

The Bad: N/A...........................

Overall: Excellent headset, truly quality product from a truly quality company that is great to work with!

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Added a product review for Manitou Dorado Pro Downhill Fork 3/12/2010 12:05 AM

Dorado Pro


The Good: Simple air system to work with, excellent damping with a wide range, impressively stiff, and very lightweight for the budget-minded model of this fork. Comes in a totally awesome custom case.

The Bad: How disappointed I'll be when I scratch it!!!!

Overall: After riding this fork for a little over a month on a variety of terrain, all I can say is: the Dorado Pro is forking excellent!!!! Really looking forward to riding this fork over the long haul. Manitou has got this dialed.

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it took me about 30 min trying to think of stuff NOT on two wheels! snowboarding? i think i went once two years ago? its all DH, trails and moto it seems at the moment.

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