Added a product review for Azonic Carbon Skad Full Face Helmet Full Face Helmet 12/20/2011 7:05 AM

O'Neal Carbon Skad helmet


The Good: Light, carbon fiber looks good... that's about it.

The Bad: Very cheap feeling, bad design, loose fit, not the most protective helmet out there by any means.

Overall: I got this helmet hoping that it would be pretty sweet, but as soon as I took it out of the box I was disappointed. The padding on the inside is very cheap, and not at all comfortable. The cheek pads are really loose on your face and the helmet slides around a lot (yes, it was the correct size too). I had a bad crash and totally destroyed the helmet, knocking myself out in the process. It took me about two weeks to fully recover. I wised up and bought an MX helmet (Shoei VFX-W) because a mountain bike specific full face helmet comes no where near a MX helmet in terms of protection, and I really don't want the lightest helmet protecting my head anyway... Do yourself a favor, and spend your money on a good helmet (Fox V3, TLD D3, Shoei VFX-W, Kali Prana to name a few). It may seem silly to spend this much money on a helmet, but getting a head injury sucks. If you shop around online, you can always find a sweet deal.

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