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justin wyper- Frontflip tailwhip

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My first impression of the Tweet


The Good: First off it looks great of course! Really high quality finish on the frame that will keep it looking that way for a long time. It's very light as well, especially considering the amount of abuse it can take. Very easy bike to get used and really is confidence inspiring, I have no doubt that any rider would feel right at home on a tweet

The Bad: I rode a 2010 version and there was some fork clearance (with a forx 36 anyway) issues which have been reworked and fixed in the latest model. Other than that there isnt a bad thing I could say about it, very solid bike

Overall: I only had a very short amount of time on this bike, my first ride on it was mid comp at At's Showdown in san francisco. I had broken my other frame when I cased one of the jumps, luckily a tweet was available to me so all hope was not lost. All in all the bike performed for me in a scenario where I didnt have anytime to get a feel for it. I had to just jump on it and trust that everything would work the way I wanted to. Luckily for me Spank builds a top quality frame just like the rest of their component line and I was thoroughly impressed and more than satisfied. A testiment to this is the fact that I will be riding a Spank hardtail frame in 2011. I would recommend this frame to anyone without hesitation. -Garrett

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