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The Good: marzocchi forks thick haro frame ruktion cranks

The Bad: Haro sent me the bike with the wrong wheels on it. It came with sun hill rod rims, unfortunately they are terrible rims and bend easily. They also sent it with plastic pedals instead of metal pedals. I work at a bike shop and have complained to the haro rep that comes into our store and they havent sent me the right parts yet so i went and bought odyssey sealed pedals, and mavic deetracks

Overall: Good bike for the price, i would definitely recommend it. The only problems i have had with it are haros customer service.

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if you want bmx style parts go to danscomp, if you want to find cheap bmx parts go to sidewall distribution they have closeout items so you can get 70$ pedals for 20$ and stuff like that.

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Hey im from vital bmx and someone posted a video of mountain bikers doing back flip 360 double tailwhips and i thought it looked pretty fun to try mountain biking. I just want to know how much would it cost to get a decent bike and what do i need to ... more ยป

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