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I must be mistaking, because it looked to me like Logan and Amanda were having a pretty good time in that video...

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So, I get what you're saying and I agree that more bike parks need more natural terrain. I am super happy Snowbird has done this and am excited to see a new trail. However, you have to consider Snowbird only has like two trails... You have to pay about $30.00 to ride the tram. That is all fine, but Utah has TONS of riding options that are better, so we are a bit spoiled. I know "better" is a relative term, but if you like park, natural, raw or anything in between, you can find better riding in the same amount of time to get to the bird.. and it is free or the same price for more options..

That being said, am I going to fork out $30 to ride it.... well yes, because I like biking new trails and it will be awesome..

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Can't help but laugh at the pic of Bryceland. His face is priceless. Hope Gwin can pull ahead on this one!

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I participated in this event a couple of years ago and it was a blast... and a reasonable entry fee..

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A lot depends on your style of riding. I don't own a 29er and am currently on a stumpy EVO 26" so take this for what it is worth. I would recommend the stumpy 29er or niner RIP9. I rode these and several other 29ers at outerbike and both were very very ... more ยป

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The Good: Climbing, descending, jumping, everything

The Bad: None. This is a rad bike

Overall: Rode this in Moab, UT. It is super confidence inspiring. I felt like I could do anything on this bike. Climbs amazingly well and is a blast coming down in any type of terrain. 5' drop to flat and lots of rocks with absolutely no complaints. This is an awesome bike. It is a little slower than my stumpy EVO on flats and long climbs, but one of the funnest bikes I have ever ridden

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Great pedal for your knees


The Good: Great amount of float. Easy to get in and out.

The Bad: Durability

Overall: These pedals have been great for the last year. I had a bad knee and this has helped a lot. They have a lot of float, but they only lasted me a year. CB will warranty it, but I have to send them in for them to fix the problem. That means weeks without a pedal... Four stars for performance. 2 stars for durability

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The Good: FIts well and it is comfortable

The Bad: Styling is fine, but nothing special

Overall: Never crashed in it yet, but it is lightweigt, comfortable, good ventilation. Styling isn't anything special, but good for trail riding.

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The Perfect Bike


The Good: Build is superb, geo is dialed!

The Bad: The fox 32 150mm travel is awesome, but the bike is capable of more. However, the 36 might be a bit much. *Note to Fox, start making a 34 for this bike:)

Overall: I don't specialize in one area of riding, but I have ridden for a long time. I've ridden and researched many bikes from HT 29er's to DH bikes. I climb up to ride down and favor more aggressive trail/AM riding. I have ridden everything from the White rim in a day to resorts and DH tracks. This bike does everything. While not a DH bike and not a XC race bike, it can do a little of both. It climbs amazingly well and makes riding so much fun coming down. This is my favorite bike I have ever ridden and shines on just about every situation in my everyday riding. Since I can only afford one bike, this is the one I would choose every time. Even if I could afford having more than one bike, I would still choose this every time.

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