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Where do I buy one? because if I can I will!

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Do it all!


The Good: I own this bike and I love it.... It climbs it Drops, DownHills, Jumps, Enduro. what ever you want this bike can fill the need with a 160 Front fork you have the perfect enduro bike! Slap a coil in the rear with a 180 fork up front and this thing makes the perfect Freeride or DownHill rig. and still will climb fairly well! I am amazed at how well it does every thing I ask of it.

The Bad: The first scratch was devastating, but I got over it : )

Overall: I Love this bike! I Highly recommend Buying this bike!

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For a Downhiller could you Imagine being able to tell where you were at not just at the Splits but during the whole course! For a Alpine Freerider I could see it being handy having your Music stream through the Goggles and being able to answer your phone. What seem overkill today we will wonder how we lived with out tomorrow. Don't even get me started on military applications. Awesome product, I can see this morphing into something Incredible!

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