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should we do a Vital OTB about total number of flats this weekend? SO SICK!

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So when is Shawn Neer going to get the recognition and support that he deserves. He was in the hot seat last year for over an half hour and ended up in the top 20 and was the 2nd fastest american but they never interviewed. Now this year he was in the hot seat for ever, ended top 10, fastest american and they hardly mentioned him and only gave him a 5 second interview. He is a privateer that works a job and has no support. His bike is a clapped out Trek that has cracks in it and Trek wont warranty it and his wheels are so beat up I don't know how they roll. If this kid gets some real support and gets on a dialed bike he would be a top world cup racer.

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Liked a comment about press release Eliot Jackson and Micayla Gatto Join Bernard Kerr on Pivot Cycles Factory Race Team 1/14/2014 1:18 PM

Hey guys! Figured I would jump in on this one!

I will DEFINITELY be racing all of the World Cups, I wouldn't have come back if I couldn't! I think I will be able to bring a lot to the table even if I am not focusing 100% of my efforts on winning them.

As for the Asthma; Apparently I have Vocal Chord Dysfunction which has similar symptoms but doesn't respond to the same treatment. You would think all of these world class doctors would have caught it but I guess not haha. I'm not 100% cured or anything but it's definitely going better than before and I can at least ride my bike comfortably without dying

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