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Reply to Prototype 2015 Specialized Demo? 7/24/2014 10:48 AM

Any more pics or insight into the new V10?

Reply to Tips for Minimzing the Rat's Nest? 5/13/2013 4:15 PM

1X10 has changed my life. I don't know how I will go back to a 2x. Also, the underside remote mount for the reverb is pretty slick. I don't quite understand the need for remote changing of CTD settings. I haven't ever really found the need for high speed ... more ยป

Reply to UCI World Cup Rumors via @TeamRumours 12/1/2012 6:00 PM

Loic is racing Elite Men for Lapierre for 2013. http://www.vitalmtb.com/news/news/2013-Lapierre-International-Downhill-Team-Announced,520

Reply to XC Helmets 8/9/2012 7:03 PM

Had the Xen, crushed the back of it from an off on a double, now I have the Feature. I love it, lightweight, affordable, simple design, and tons of coverage.

Reply to UCI World Cup Rumors via @TeamRumours 2/16/2012 8:22 AM

Wyn on a Devinchi for 4GUIMP https://twitter.com/#!/WynMasters

Reply to Rainbow Vomit 2/14/2012 8:48 AM

Compilation of the best snowboard bangers of the 2011/2012 Vids http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fi3jBX2fIZs&feature=share

Reply to where are you riding this weekend? 9/30/2011 11:04 AM

Santa Cruz

Reply to Flats On Your Trail Bike? 2/9/2011 8:01 AM

Flats on the trail bike ever since I sold the DH bike and bought something I could pedal all day. Rode with skate shoes for too long before I found the 5.10s. Now I am fully convinced that I do not want to get clips.

Reply to Leogang OTB 6/19/2010 11:59 AM

Gwin 4:01:37 Rachel: 4:46:24 Gwin for the WIN!

Reply to Sam Hill Crash at Fort William? 6/4/2010 8:00 PM

Right Shoulder? Terrible luck, hope he is good enough to race.

Reply to Vital OTB, 2010 Maribor World Cup 5/13/2010 11:47 AM

Gwin 3.07.07 Kintner: 3.47.07 USA!

Reply to Out with Schladming, in with Leogang 4/9/2010 10:27 AM

Such a sick track. I bet none of the boys are pleased with this change. Isn't that vid from 2006?