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Dear Hope,

Please make more videos with Craig Evans. His riding is dang fun to watch. Thank you.

With love,

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I've been wanting to get my hands on one of these. But now that Yt is going to be shipping stateside the Capra is looking like the better choice.

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This man is my hero!

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Ok seriously, how are manufacturers still spec'ing bikes with long stems and narrow bars?! Almost every review I have read in the past four-ish years has stated something to the effect of: "we switched out the bar and stem immediately because they did not suit the bikes capability". How have so few companies--especially companies like Trek that have factory DH and Enduro teams--been unable to figure out that people want 50mm stems and 780-ish bars? It seems ridiculous, especially when the manufacturer obviously knows how to make a bike that can be ridden aggressively. Numbers like the 65 degree head angle and the 645mm effective top tube indicate that. In fact, those numbers are on the aggressive end of the aggressive trail/Enduro market. It just seems careless to put parts on your bike, made by your subsidiary (Bontrager), that you know full well do not suit that bike.

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Sick Mick Hannah 4:05.17
Rachel Atherton 4:41.01

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Liked a comment on the item 20 Days in California with the Wallner Brothers and Marcus Hansson 2/25/2014 4:35 PM are mad because some Swedes showed them the fast way down their local trails..

I only saw one "skid" in the whole vid..when its dry and you're pinned the rear end breaks free..carry some momentum and try it sometime..

I thought it was a cool vid for...more

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Man, this got out of hand! Doing skids and kicking up a bit of dust and then laughing about it is just part of riding bikes. Skidding a few times for a video because your goofing off and have been stuck in the freakin' arctic isn't going to ruin the trails for ever and always.

Sick scrubs on the wagon wheels too!

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Totally awesome

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Hell yeah for building Lazer Fade, ridden that 1000s of times!

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