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Nukeproof scalp


The Good: I bought this bike about 7 months ago second hand and I was amazed. With a 63 degree head angle the bike is very stable at speed , at home on the steep stuff , while being easy to handle in the jumps. The bike reacts amazingly well to everything that is thrown at it. It isn't too long in length or heavy in weight ( I don't have the lightest of parts on it) , this makes it easy to manoeuvre in corners and tight sections where needs be. The bike also keeps traction when it is faced with a slippy rocky or rooty section.

The Bad: I had my shocked TF TUNED about 2 weeks ago now , and although it performed exceptionally better on the small bumps and other stuff thrown at it , if the shock (cane creek Double barrel ) took a medium and fast hit it would blow through it's travel exceptionally fast. I highly doubt this is to the shock tuning as TF TUNED are masters in what they do so can only blame it on suspension design. But that is not a deal breaker as the bike is very capable at what it's built to do. Also if my memory serves me correct , Nukeproof have a linkage that stops the shock from ramping up. I am still not sure if it's available to the public yet though , but I'm sure they will release one therefore making my negative points about this bike non-existent when they do.


Taken into consideration all of the things mentioned I feel the scalp is a very comfortable and extremely fun bike to ride and wouldn't hesitate to buy one again as I have been very happy with what I have got.

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