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remember that one time sam won 2 world cups on a single pivot last year and you didnt

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Dude........fat.........e-bike.........lefty........with fur.

How that's not at minimum a trifecta in your mind I'll never understand. Duct tape a cane creek double barrel air shock to the seatpost and mtbr will implode.

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Ringle? Is that you?

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Nice cables.

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Today, a buyer for Bontrager is quickly adjusting their forecasting for the TLR Flash Charger Pump

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This is what all those free-ride-flickers think (wish) they look like ripping corners

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I really enjoy these videos. This video could just as easily be titled "how to make the same old ride less boring" or "how not to be a pussy." I love doing all of those things when I ride the same old trail for the thousandth time. Good tips all. Thanks team Vital + Art.

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I'm still wondering what a Grundig is.

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Welcome to America, where freedom is everything and everything is illegal.

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easier to shake and bake

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After seeing so many racers (especially Gwin) fall victim to flatting this year, I expect to see/hear about lots of these on wheels next year regardless of sponsorship. Simple flats have destroyed results...more

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haha. after being out on the mountain for over 8 hours for the 3rd day in a row, riding the same stuff the racers did basically w/o a lot of support, the guys needed a break before processing and uploading their goods. well worth it! or we could just blame...more

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The casual riding style and editing compliments the beauty of the trails perfectly.

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to defend that case