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Cannondale Jekyll 3


The Good: Stiff, Rails corners, Bombs Downhill

The Bad: Slightly Heavy, Steepish Head angle


Let me start off by saying this is a very good enduro/trail bike. I have owned and ridden other bikes like the commencal meta and the trek remedy, this is a better bike than both. I was able to take this bike to Sedona, AZ and put it on the roughest trails the area has to offer and it seemed to never flex and absorb a lot of the challenging terrain. It holds its line very well but I would say it requires more rider input, than other bikes, to get the bike to hook up. Some people seem to worry about the pull shock reliability but from my personal experience it has been bullet proof. I have owned the bike for over a year and there have been no issues with the shock and it feels great. My only real complaint is the weight of the bike; don't expect to win any xc races. Although heavy, by switching from 150mm of rear travel to 90mm you can transform the bike into a very efficientpedaling bike. Once you are at the top of the hill switch back to the 150mm and bomb back down. I would suggest going for a wider bar and shorter stem combo if you do purchase the bike. The bike also felt a slight bit steep out of the box, so I bought wider bars with a 2in rise and then the bike felt perfect for anything you can throw at it.

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I am 6' 3'' and I have tried from almost no rise to 2 in rise. Personally I found the 2 in rise was the best option because I felt comfortable and had the most control. You can still climb as well with a flat bar you just need to be more aggressive to ... more »