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Hey Guys, thought I'd add a few comments on the technical details of the bike. The upper shock hardware is designed with an inner sleeve (small part #7), like a thru-axle front hub, to prevent binding if the upper shock bolt is over-torqued. I've attached a photo of the...more

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Gee won in Cairns in 2014 on borrowed shoes; now Rachel won in Lourdes on wrong-size spare shoes... has anybody tried hiding Dan's shoes from him to see what might happen?

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Totally dig the podcast, the super in depth test session reviews, and interviews like this one. Glad Vital is publishing long form content. Vital is really upping their game compared to other mtb media

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Looks like that test track Curtiss Keene was dialing in his suspension on in Trinidad Colorado? Funny stuff

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For me as an average joe, its not the weight that sells me on air over coil, its the how much easier/cheaper it is to tune an air fork. Tuning a coil sprung fork is a lot of parts to buy and install and uninstall in iteration until you find your sweet spot. With air, just you have to put an shock pump on it. For me thats a trade that is worth making. If you're one of the most highly supported athletes in the sport, ya have your mech and the ohlin's guy help you sort out a coil fork

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As always, excellent videos Andre

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What a perfect username.

Yes, the placebo effect is a real thing, especially when you're discussing minor changes to the same product. To say that 99 out of 100 riders wouldn't know they had an entirely different fork on the front of their bike is a ridiculous claim, however, and I'll take...more

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Think he put his gf's jeans on by mistake

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Ahh. thanks for the info

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I am thick and don't understand your comment. Please explain

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Snow-Cal. I love that trail. It is pretty buff with just a few sniper rocks. @Daniel_Layton Its a nice change to all the super sharp, rocky loose over hardpack that we typically ride around here.

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Is it just the camera buffing out the trail or are there really zero rocks on this trail? I love a good flow section but not 7 minutes of it.

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Pretty accurate pictorial of how non-mountain bikers see mountain bikers. Heck, it's how most of the outdoor industry/media sees mountain biking. ... Still.

If I had a nickel for every ad I see of a guy carrying a mountain bike across a log over a stream advertising extreme lip balm...more

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This. More of this.

I don't even ride flat pedals but I can still appreciate a well researched, well written article that does its best to quantify results instead of going purely off of feel. Props to Johan and the rest of the Vital team for taking the time to think about the task and develop solid inhouse metrics (PTA and TwP) that create real insight.

PS: and props to Vital for going out a a limb and doing product testing in a shoot out format. Not the easiest decision for a company that makes its dollars from product adverts. Seen some flack in the comments directed at Vital about some paid adverts masquerading as product tests but if that means you guys can do this sort of thing, have at it i say.

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Tucker is PINNED, mang!

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