Added a product review for Point One Racing Podium Flat Pedal 12/8/2010 4:34 PM

Platform pedals by Point1


The Good: These are a wide, super light, super thin pedal which last a long time and can take a beating. The ease of chaning out pedal pins is a big plus and a real time saver. They have a super slim design which means they also give more ground clearence which is definitely a good thing in Downhill.

The Bad: I prefer longer pins around 10mm (available at any hardware store), so the stock ones just don't seem grippy enough straight away for me.


Overall, a lightweight, functional pedal which have good, solid bearings which don't allow the pedal to spin like crazy and throw your foot off. They have lasted through several muddy riding days. Also, the ease of changing pins is great and super easy even for a beginner.

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Added a product review for Sun Ringle A.D.D. Wheelset 12/8/2010 4:33 PM

ADD wheelset


The Good: They are very strong especially for their light weight which is rolling weight and what every rider wants to reduce. I definitely put these wheels through their pace in Angel fire and actually cracked through one rim yet it didnt pinch my tube nor did it explode

The Bad: Spokes need to be kept taught at all times especially for bigger riders otherwise the wheels will lose true easily but ths is the case with most wheels.

Overall: overall I think sun has done a great job on these wheels in having a good balance between strength and weight and offering something so good at an affordable price

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Added a product review for Point One Racing Split-Second DM Stem 12/8/2010 4:27 PM

Direct mount Stem


The Good: These are a cool looking stem which bolt on directly to the for crown which means they are super rigid and perform thei job well. They are unbelievably light and yet super strong and because of their low profile it means that the front end will be as low as possible which is great for cornering.

The Bad: Only thing is they can be a little tricky when putting new bars on them and sometimes adjusting the roll is annoying bacuse there are four bolts but on two seperate clamps. This just means a little more care is needed when setting up ones handlebars

Overall: Looks really cool, very simple design which works well and is is super light

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Added a product review for MRP G2 SL Chainguide 12/8/2010 4:23 PM

G2 Guide and Bottom Bracket


The Good: Easy to install, functional, light weight and have never lost a chain or totalled my chainring

The Bad: really have nothing bad to say about these guides

Overall: The bashplate has kept my chainring intact on a number of big hits and the chain has never come off... what more can you say? these guides look great, are easy to install and get the job done

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Added a product review for Manitou Dorado Pro Downhill Fork 12/8/2010 4:21 PM

Dorado Forks


The Good: These forks are unreal right out of the box, I was really impressed at how well they work straight away and it seemed the more I rode them the better they got. Super plush and love the rough stuff. It also seems Manitou have eliminated a lot if the flex associated with their old Dorados which is not an easy task with an inverted fork.

The Bad: The only issue I have is with the cable routing, it just tends to bow out to much when the forks compress and I ran a cable tie on the fork leg to stop this but it caused the line to kink. The cable also rubs along the leg and scratches it which does not look the best. I understand that no one wants their front wheel to come loose but the method of undoing 4bolts then screwing in one can be quite tedious when undoing or tightening the axle on the forks. However this system does work very well and the front axle has little or no chance of ever coming out which is very important!

Overall: Overall a great fork which has been developed over the years to work well in all conditions. The longevity is great unlike other forks these do not need servicing every week and the seals last a life time even when riding a lot of mud. A super plush fork which looks great and for such a big fork is very light.

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Added a product review for Hayes Stroker Ace Hydraulic Disc Brake Set 12/8/2010 4:18 PM

Stroker Ace


The Good: I found these brakes bed in really fast and the power was there after a few runs and once the brakes are fully worn in the power is unbelievable! It definitely is a good thing that they are not this powerful straight off the bat because it allows the rider to get progressively used to such a strong brake.

The Bad: The only downfall I think is the lack of modulation especially on the front it seems. The range of the lever when pulled between off and on is quite small and it took some time to get used to not over braking or sliding.

Overall: I have not had a chance to ride the brakes in the mud/rain but they work well in the dry and the pad longevity is really good. I have plenty of meat left on them after a lot of harsh riding. Im really impressed with these brakes and the modulation issue is just something which the rider learns to adapt to

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Added a product review for Dainese Performance Elbow Guard 12/8/2010 4:16 PM

Performance Elbow


The Good: The way these guards pivot twice means that they basically mould to your arm and need less tension to stop them slipping which means less arm pump. The way the straps do up also stops the guards slipping or moving when impacted upon. They are also light weight and comfortable to wear and unlike a lot of other elbow pads I have owned.

The Bad: Really have nothing bad to say... simple do not move when i ride, are comfortable and protect me

Overall: They are also light weight and comfortable to wear and unlike a lot of other elbow pads I have owned do not move when you crash or hit small chattery bumps along a trail 10/10

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Added a product review for Dainese Performance Knee Guard 12/8/2010 4:14 PM

Performance Knee Guard


The Good: Very functional and the strapping system works very effectively and these pads do not move when you crash and are durable, i only used one set during an entire season.

The Bad: May be a little to long for a short person as the shin pad is quite long but the range of sizes allows for a wide range of heights.

Overall: Although lacking in some style points these pads are about as safe and functional as any on the market. They protect the whole leg from the knee to shin and the strapping and padding make them super comfortable and with a range of sizes it does not matter if your leg is like an octopus these pads will fit.

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Added a product review for Banshee Rampant Frame 12/8/2010 4:12 PM

Banshee Rampant


The Good: I was very impressed at how it handled speed and it just takes the harshness out of the bumps. When cornering I found it like to squat a little which in the 4cross at angel fire was actually good and allowed me to keep my body position where I wanted rather than it falling into the bike.

The Bad: The only thing is it is a little heavier than a Hardtail and may be a little slower accellorating out of the gate at a 4cross but apart from that its great.

Overall: Although I do not own one I had a chance to ride a mates and this was my first experience on a small dual suspension bike. I found it unreal at jumping, XC and 4cross... Once she gets rolling this bike is unstoppable and will handle any kind of beating.

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Added a product review for Banshee Amp Frame 12/8/2010 4:09 PM

AMP Hardtail


The Good: The amp hartail has great geometry and seems to squat a lot more than previous hartails I have owned but this is great for manueling jumps and soaking up speed when racing. The small size is very small and the wheel base is not too long so for a person 6ft or over the large will be the way to go. The bike is super light and handles great, I have raced it at world cups dirt jumped with it and even put a big post in it and taken it XC riding although not ideal on rides over an hour.

The Bad: The only recommendation I have is to upgrade the rear axle from a quick release to a bolt on as the drop outs are horizontal and you may need the extra strength of a bolt on.

Overall: Great all round bike which is really light and perfect for jumping and cornering and the only downfall is the horizontal dropouts which can be fixed with a simple bolt on rear axle

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Added a product review for Answer ProTaper 780 DH Handlebar 12/8/2010 4:06 PM

Pro Taper Bars


The Good: Bars are unreal! The rise is perfect and the roll on them just feels right. I like my bars a little thinner than the stock 780mm and thanks to Answer they make it a lot easier for me to get them to 750mm because they mark where to cut on each end so the rider is easily able to set there width exactly where they want it. I feel confident in these handlebars when I ride, they are strong, well rolled and look great.

The Bad: Bars: May be a little wide straight out of the box but once a little trim is done to suit they are perfect. They tend to scratch/wear easily, though.

Overall: Overall the bars are great. Can't complain.

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