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That is a beautiful bike. I was hoping to see a weight.

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Suddenly I feel very inadequate with all my brakes and suspension and knobby tires and full face and kneepads and airbag and parachute.

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At the end of last summer didn't the guy building this set get a back injury on these trails? If someone remembers the post... help out. Love the big gaps

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The vast majority of DH gear began as moto gear, and over time various features (like leather inner thighs) were stripped in an effort to make them lighter and more directly applicable to DH. We still see those moto roots today in many of the designs.

Personally, I can't see going back after...more

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The drone is moving way to fast! We get the idea and like where it's headed. Sacrifice some of that speed for some precision flying and you'll have the next level. Reminds me of Shimano's video last year.

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If there were any question about trail use then you should definitely be keeping your rides PRIVATE.

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As long as they keep it under $600 I can see this working. Beyond that I think there is a lot of competition. I like where it's going.

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Ardent 29x2.4 folding


The Good: As long as the bead is FOLDING they set up nicely tubeless, weather or not the tire is tubeless specific. Long wear life. Handle rocky conditions well without getting tread rips or sidewall damage. Come in a gumwall. Lot of volume. Predictable drifting in corners if you can't hold your line because you came in too hot.

The Bad: The really don't have a BAD point.


This is a great all around tire. I have a big list of positives I've listed and can't find a weakness. I'm riding Utah with sharp rocks and square edges and the 2.4 is on every bike from single speed rigid to Transition Covert 140mm FS.  The knobs roll well, off road hook up is perfect.  I'll go through a set every 700 miles and then they are some really nice handmedowns to my buddies.  One additional bonus for the weight weenie is that they are fairly light for a tire that can take some serious punishment at 695-805 gram depending on the model.  I've used the IKON and don't feel that the extra money is worth it.  Maxxis is my brand.   This review is only for the 29x2.4

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some shoe-goo and rectangle foam and I can run my own pedals. JK cool idea.

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It is a job. Your sponsor just put up a four day travel plan and your job is to ride it. Sure it may look dumb but it is time to get to work and make it look fun and steezy.

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Amazing riding.

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Gwin 3:02:50
Atherton 3:39:50

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Nice riding

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Good looking shot Cody. Zag gap.

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great looking build. I like the idea of the bike of the day being something a couple years old with some new parts to freshen it up. Great call Vital.

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great riding

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That was some good riding. I like to see the almost OTB parts. Solid riding for a test...POV always makes it look smoother than real life. That test right there counts in my book.

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