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I LOVE WC and how much it takes to win... these guys are so fast but give an talented rider the same bike with the same chance. I think there might be a youngster from the US that has what it takes to be a WC champion!

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nice work eagle eye Capricorn! I looked at all the galleries and saw he was on Guide brakes - but failed to look at the FINALS gallery. that means he switched right before the finals.

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Grest to see Sam Hill back at his best.

Was us he the only top rider now proving flats can still cut it?

Re flat tires, is this due to 27.5" tires lighter casing tread to roll faster or just the course?

The Wheel still turning

Agree Warner is to mtb comentary what SHill is to DH and flat pedal riders!

Ft Bill never fails to deliver

Rest of world should take notice of what a true DH event course on and off should be FT Bill us that example.

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