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Iceman2058 - That is exactly why e*thirteen uses the polygon over splined designs. The polygon creates nearly 100% crank/spindle interface and there is no degradation of the fit regardless how many times they are installed/removed. This is not true for splined systems - especially when considering 24mm steel spindles mated with alloy cranks.

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If the reach and stack are available, you can easley calculate the "effective reach": http://www.algebra.com/calculators/geometry/pythagorean.mpl

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Most of our pro Enduro riders, especially Cedric Gracia wants a quick switch lever to reduce the "bob" during climbs. We are designing from a clean slate but also designing for a specific use and function. The Cane Creek is a good shock but not perfect, there will be some compromises in all designs but we are more focused at damping performance, durability, and ease of adjustment. We've never had issues with air leaking from the bladder into the oil chamber. I have 30 plus years working on moto shocks with bladders and haven't had many issues. We haven't decided 100% on whether a blade or an IFP will be used.

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