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Why does this story remain in pole position on the newest story list? the Newest is actually the hope crank story by a whole day.

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we've got the same shitfaced attitude by trail runners riding up local DH trails known and marked for one way (down) traffic. But no. FUs all round from the brightly colored ones. Pity their clothes are the only thing bright bout them...

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Class act.

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Awesome interview! Looking forward to seeing him on top of the podium again this year!!!

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Iceman2058 - That is exactly why e*thirteen uses the polygon over splined designs. The polygon creates nearly 100% crank/spindle interface and there is no degradation of the fit regardless how many times they are installed/removed. This is not true for splined systems - especially when considering...more

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your rhetorical question is answered in the first line. Are you an engineer with them? Also, how can short term testing of a new design prove anything against a DIN standard that's been field tested for decades now? Your statement about being removed many times and perform well blah blah almost sounds like saying the DIN polygon design has flaws in those areas? How does a patent cost versus using a DIN standard? it adds to the bill.
I personally almost dont care which way Hope went, but it is a curious deviation from what was previously seen, and frankly, I've yet to hear a compelling reason for the change given the benefits of the polygon design. Before you wind yourself up again, i'll say it again: the overall package looks a good product, so its not berating Hope in any way.

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disappointed with the spline option. E-thirteen may have beaten Hope to the polygon style axle, but its still a darn good option. Would be interesting to hear their reasons why they ditched the polygon style axle, other than the reason that comes to mind: we wanted something different (patentable). Right. Anyway, nice product.

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If the reach and stack are available, you can easley calculate the "effective reach": http://www.algebra.com/calculators/geometry/pythagorean.mpl

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^This! Look at Manon Carpenter: one of her dayIntheLifeOfVids indicates she sees a pyschologist, which I'm assuming to mean she gets as much professional help with her mental preparedness as she does with her physical conditioning. There's only so much

... more ยป

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listed at the end of the vid:
Papa Roach - no more Secrets

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