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Best 35mm Stem Out There!


The Good: Strong, light, clamps on solid, slides on steerer tube without any resistance, many colors available, looks good.

The Bad: The 2 bolts that clamp the stem to the steerer tube have rusted on mine.


This is one of the best stems I've used. I basically installed it and never had to even think about it again. I like short stems, so the 35mm option is why I got this one (I had a Thomson 50mm that was great also, just too long for my liking). The only issue is the rust on the inside of the two steerer clamp hex bolts, but it doesn't concern me (just figured I'd note it here). I'd highly recommend this stem, mine has lasted years and is still going strong. Actually, I'd recommend all Straitline products, I have the De Facto pedals too and they're as solid as this stem!

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