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I have always wanted this bike so much. I can't part with my Brooklyn Racelink
This is so cruel to see again
Doc where are you?

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Liked a comment about video Danny MacAskill Lands First-Ever Bump-Front Flip 10/4/2014 8:04 AM

i th ink the latest vid is more of a bump flip than this initial one. here is already in forward rotation before he hits the sign, but in the latest vid, he really hits that fence before starting the rotation.

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I go to mountain bike news sites and then get mad when I see mountain bike news there.

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He's in because this is an FMB stop and he's one of the top dudes who could take the overall. This is his first time riding a full on DH bike, of course he's out of his element but he still kills it harder and goes bigger than most who have been doing it their whole life. In actuality, he's an insanely talented bike rider and only seems to receive hate because he used to focus only on BMX... which is exactly what Darren Berrecloth used to do before borrowing a bike for the '02 rampage, substituting for an injured friend.

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I hope Lacondeguy crushes it this year. I dont understand why he hasn't won in previous years. He might not have that 'one trick', but he sure as hell throws down a helluva show top to bottom. Everyone that's won recently seemed to have that 'one trick' that seems to rake in all the points. Maybe i dont understand the points system,but outside of that 'one trick', their runs are relatively indistinct from other runs. Andreu throws down hard and mixes it up all over the place. i hope its his year. The dude deserves it.

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