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Reply to Riding Solo - Love It or Hate It? 6/23/2016 6:21 PM

I've certainly had some of my best and longest rides solo. Back when I was a younger, healthier man, I used to love to go out and punish myself along an awesome adventure. I've done the Gabrialiano trail from the bottom of Mt. Wilson Toll Rd. more than ... more »

Reply to Front Suspension? Need one 6/23/2016 5:32 PM

Thank You Butterman.

Reply to Just another boring MTB edit! 6/21/2016 9:32 PM

You are a clown Sir. And the world is better off because of it. Well done.

Reply to I Switched For Sramdy 6/21/2016 9:26 PM

The smile says it all. Make him VP of Bike Stoke!

Reply to Show Us Your Shuttle Vehicle 6/21/2016 9:21 PM

An Audi can be nice, but this is how real men do it.

Reply to This Guy Hit a Bear on His Bike. Ouch! 6/19/2016 3:54 PM

Are we frozen in a time warp? Ouch. Wheeze wheeze.

Reply to MTB shuttle survey 6/18/2016 8:59 AM


Reply to That Time My Bike Flew Off The Car Rack... 6/17/2016 5:32 PM

That's a great fun and free trail. I've never had this problem myself, though my hitch rack is well bent from a rough shuttle road in Bass Lake. I do have an old story of someone else's mishap though. Years ago, when I worked at Another Bike Shop in ... more »

Reply to Clif Bar and Honey Stinger Recalls 6/9/2016 5:16 PM

Mountain biking is a dangerous sport. Eating can be too.

New thread sketchy flashy 4/8/2016 4:54 PM

Perhaps you guys already know, but when I scrolled down from the Whip Off pictures, I was generally unable to see the comments and only saw some weird flashy, home page shifted sideways craziness. I'm glad I'm not a techy. On a different note... I have ... more »

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New thread Unable to comment 3/3/2016 6:54 AM

I was checking out the Taipei show coverage and found that I was unable to comment. The leave a comment box just isn't there for me.

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New thread Mavic bought ENVE 2/27/2016 6:33 PM

It's strange that there's not an article yet, but I just saw on the Dirt Shed Show that Mavic has bought ENVE. Mavic hasn't had a carbon rim option as yet, so they're obviously looking into the possibilities. Discuss.

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New thread Skiing VS Biking 1/3/2016 4:52 PM

Alright you. Go at it... I don't ski.

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New thread forum issues 12/23/2015 5:49 PM

I've gotten a couple of replies through e-mail about things I've said on the site. With a couple, including the current issue with dirtbeard, I'll get a reply to some comment that I've made and when I click to see the comment on the site it's not there ... more »

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New thread Next Level Ride and Build 11/12/2015 9:18 AM

Watch it three times. It's worth it.

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New thread Flashing Bar Graph of Death 10/3/2015 6:53 PM

Hey Powers that be, Big Bird the Mod here. (I always considered myself more Punk than Mod.) I've made two attempts to reign in a members trolling of another, but when I try to PM the troll, I just get the "Wait for it." flashing bar graph and the PM ... more »

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New thread thumbnail videos 9/20/2015 9:35 AM

Hey folks. You may already be aware, but many of the video links are showing up as a one inch black bar across the screen with a little thumbnail video in the middle.

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New thread Which WC team would you be on? 8/12/2015 9:16 AM

So, avoiding the fact that you're too slow and out of shape to land a spot on a World Cup team, which team would you like to be on? I'm guessing that we'll hear a lot of Syndicate, Trek, Lapierre and Spesh, but I'm gonna throw a wrench in the works right ... more »

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New thread Road Trippin' 6/28/2015 7:35 PM

You won't be hearing much from me in the coming month, which may come as a relief to some, as I'm heading off on a month long road trip to Alaska and back. We're actually taking a ferry for the last bit to see the coast and avoid the bad roads for the ... more »

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