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Reply to Riding Solo - Love It or Hate It? 6/23/2016 6:21 PM

I've certainly had some of my best and longest rides solo. Back when I was a younger, healthier man, I used to love to go out and punish myself along an awesome adventure. I've done the Gabrialiano trail from the bottom of Mt. Wilson Toll Rd. more than ... more »

Reply to Front Suspension? Need one 6/23/2016 5:32 PM

Thank You Butterman.

Reply to Just another boring MTB edit! 6/21/2016 9:32 PM

You are a clown Sir. And the world is better off because of it. Well done.

Reply to I Switched For Sramdy 6/21/2016 9:26 PM

The smile says it all. Make him VP of Bike Stoke!

Reply to Show Us Your Shuttle Vehicle 6/21/2016 9:21 PM

An Audi can be nice, but this is how real men do it.

Reply to This Guy Hit a Bear on His Bike. Ouch! 6/19/2016 3:54 PM

Are we frozen in a time warp? Ouch. Wheeze wheeze.

Reply to MTB shuttle survey 6/18/2016 8:59 AM


Reply to That Time My Bike Flew Off The Car Rack... 6/17/2016 5:32 PM

That's a great fun and free trail. I've never had this problem myself, though my hitch rack is well bent from a rough shuttle road in Bass Lake. I do have an old story of someone else's mishap though. Years ago, when I worked at Another Bike Shop in ... more »

Reply to Clif Bar and Honey Stinger Recalls 6/9/2016 5:16 PM

Mountain biking is a dangerous sport. Eating can be too.

Reply to How do you store your bikes? 5/26/2016 6:34 PM

I used to use a similar arrangement but twice as dense, Go to bikes front wheels up. And the lesser used bikes in between hung by their rear wheels. But yes. See that other post for more options. Mine are currently in the chicken coup.Standing room only. ... more »

Reply to Classic North Shore tech (video) 5/25/2016 5:45 PM

Nice. That was fun. I miss those trails. First use of Shakespeare in an MTB video?

Reply to Getting into trails/dirt jumping 5/20/2016 8:08 AM

Welcome to the big wheels club. There is a ton of crossover at our spot in Santa Cruz. MTBers riding little bikes and BMXers riding big bikes both. How 'bout that Nyquist?

Reply to Show Us Your Shuttle Vehicle 5/14/2016 8:09 AM

Nice Fred. Mines a white '02 as well with 225000 on the original engine, clutch and turbo. Skid plate, check. Sedan sway bars, check. I just built a photography platform for the top including a ladder and a hammock mount for the trailer hitch.

Reply to Did Steve Smith die? 5/10/2016 7:07 PM

And for us all.

Reply to Snow Summit looks........ 5/10/2016 6:13 PM

I've spent some of my best days of MTB'ing at the summit. One year my friends/team and I made eight trips from Santa Cruz to Snow Summit in one season. Good times. Great place. Be sure to check out the coffee shop where they make "Wake the Dead." One ... more »

Reply to The Big Loop - M.S. Fundraiser/Bike Trip 5/6/2016 9:02 AM

As an individual whose riding career has been cut short by MS, I thank you Sir. And having lived in Santa Cruz for more than half of my life, I guarantee that you'll have fun in the Cruz. I recommend Another Bike Shop as the best mountain bike shop in ... more »

Reply to Wrenches / Shop Employees, What's Your Biggest Pet Peeve? 4/29/2016 4:57 PM

Mine was mostly the other employees and the management who always wanted to set up appointments and put off simple adjustments that could be done in minuets. If it's not a bike build, why make someone wait?

Reply to Show Off Your Backyard Pumptrack (Or One You Dream About) 4/20/2016 7:11 PM

I spent an amazing afternoon in Lee's of Lee Likes Bikes backyard pre five? years ago disruption. Amazing, tiled in perfection.

Reply to Show Off Your Backyard Pumptrack (Or One You Dream About) 4/20/2016 7:07 PM

Nice one Jeremy. I've never had the flat land to build a proper pump track of my own, But I did have two hundred feet of elevated "Shore." trails in the backyard.