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How long have you been riding the completed bike? Have you seen any durability issues? Any delamination or cracking? I've thought about building my own carbon bikes, but I've been concerned about durability. I've made carbon boat hulls before, but those don't come across the same stresses that a bike frame does.

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Gt la bomba 2.0


The Good: Solid frame, awesome tires, decent price, and decent components.

The Bad: Basic avid brakes leave something to be desired. Crankset is not that great.


First off, I bought this bike to use for cruising around town, and messing around with on jumps. I immediately put some Tioga Powerblock tires on, as they don't make as much noise cruising on pavement. The stock dirt tires are awesome though, and I kept them, in case I wanna do some dirt riding with this bike in the future.

This bike is a slopestyle bike, made to take massive abuse from huge jumps, so it is more than strong enough for my purposes. The avid elixer 1 brakes are not the best, but they work well for cruising around. I'll probably upgrade them in the future. The drivetrain is an ok spec. It works well, but I plan on upgrading to a full Shimano Zee group at some point. The Fsa crankset is the weak link. I personally have had no issues, but there have been a ton of quality problems with this crankset in the past.

The chain guide is a huge bonus. I don't really need it for what I use the bike for, but it is a good thing to have. Especially if you are doing lots of jumps. The WTB saddle is good, definitely beats the generic GT seats you get on lower priced bikes.

Overall, I love this bike. I use it for commuting, cruising, and mild freestyle, and it can take everything easily. The price is good, and the component spec is useable. I would definitely recommend this bike, because it is as versatile as they come, and is rock solid.

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