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Great Low Matinence Bike


The Good: Has a great light build that can handle anything that you throw at it I have raced 5 races in all diffirent conditions and this bike really surprised me on how well it tracks through gnarly stuff. The bike jumps like and dream shredding down a classic trail like "A-line" and has great simple adjustments for anyone looking for a simple clean bike.

The Bad: I really can not say any bad things about it, it was the perfect bike for that suited my riding style. Being a 4-Bar suspension design, it is harder to pedal that other bikes but with the right suspension setup it can be heavily reduced

Overall: Overall the bike felt amazing and easy to ride right as I first pedaled it around. The bike handles great on steep gnarly stuff and flying through the air. I love this bike and was defiantly the best bike I have ever rode and would recommend it to anyone

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Wow that is really creative hope it works haha!

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Winter for me in Vancouver consist of tons of training and heading up for skiing as much as possible. Winter for me is good times, good down time and time to focus and train to do my best next season.