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Considering that acre of land probably costs half a million dollars, and the rent would have been about 2 to 3 thousand a month- I think they had a good ten year run.

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Shame to call them impacts


The Good: The only good I see in these shoes is their water resistance.

The Bad: everything else.


I bought these shoes last summer before I went to whistler because my old impacts where done. I rode them once at north star, a few times in mt hood on the way to whistler and then in whistler for a week or so. I was initially impressed by their grip and feel. They worked as well as any other 510 I have ever used and where noticeably lighter. While riding in the northwest, I got the opportunity to test the weather proofing on them which was actually pretty good. Riding in the mud and rain my feet never really got wet, which was really nice. I really hate riding with wet feet/socks. This was something that the original impacts kinda sucked at. They would keep your feet dry until they soaked through, doubling in weight and not drying for a week. That being said, this is the only aspect that the Impact vxi beats the original. I have a pair of the original sam hill 510s that I got in 2009 and still ride in occasionally, despite the bottom being absolutely wrecked, they still work. The sole on the new Impacts started to rip off and show signs of significant wear after less than a month of riding, while my original impacts lasted at least 2 years. Now onto my biggest complaint. Sure the Impact vxi are light which is nice for hiking around, but it is a serious trade off when you smash a rock with your foot. One of the best aspects of the original impact is you could remove imbedded rocks from the trail with your foot and not be fazed. Try that same maneuver with the xvi and you will most likely break your foot. To me, the xvi are just water proof Adidas super stars with sticky rubber on the bottom. If you want a shoe for downhill riding is would stick the the original impact.

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Moto helmets are unsafe for MTB because they are meant for a very different type of impact

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It would be dope to see Strait at a World Cup again!

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You're right, skidding down a hill isn't something Brook is used to doing

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If anything it looks like a commencal

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I believe that is sylvestri not cody

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Fairclough already turned on one occasion last year.

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Yes gotta sell those 29ers lmao

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new schwable's?

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Looks like the old Cannondale Volvo team....

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And Smooth.

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Norbs wuz robbed!!!

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also look at the strap near the seat tube. There is for sure a linkage of some sort hiding in there.

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Look over there.

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are those potentially new 510s i see?

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4:07- 3rd gear powerband on a 2 stroke. Brapp