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On my Durolux RC2 i made the experience, that low- and highspeed compression influence each other.
Especially if you ride with hs comp. at minimum, there will be hardly any lowspeed comp. even if you have the lowspeed cranked to the max.
Lowspeed Comp. only seems to work proberly if you set the highspeed comp. at least 2 or 3 clicks in.

Suntour knows about that, but they keep ignoring customers.
"It's all working as intended"..... yay!
At least it seems that they have fixed the rebound, which was crap in the past.
There were only 2 settings "a bit too fast for me" and "rocket launch".

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how'd the new graphics perform during the testing?

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Gee Atherton 3:09.382
Rachel Atherton 3:45.205

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"will it blend?" - that is the question!

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either cove dumped their new shocker design or this isn't a 2011 shocker...

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it's an astro AFDHA Frame
A couple of bike "manufacturers" sell it as their downhill bike. for example or coming up

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unfortunately i didn't make it to one of the european world cups.
what about crc? it seems to be that they are crank brothers dealer..

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is there any chance to get this in europe? (germany)

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