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bajaguy left a comment 11/11/2013 10:55 AM
Bronson is a large. The LB rims are their AM 27.5 wheels and I haven't had any problems. I am running them tubeless with stans rim tape. The pike is a great fork. It's light stable and just a solid fork.
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What size Bronson is yours? What model LB rims please? Any problems with them? Also are you running them tubeless. Other than the SRAM parts of your drivetrain this build is pretty similar to what I am planning so your experience on it would be appreciated. Finally what are your thoughts on the Pike? Thanks

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True love would have included carbon rims and a tubeless set up ;-)

Nice build - could have rolled the zip tie ends to the inside once they were cut so it looks neater.

Nice paint job too!

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