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Why is it always so god damned high volume in the ads before the vids?! Not the first time i've almost jumped of my chair when it begins...

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I don't know if it was your intent, but that was the best sponsor video ever made. And you poor dude, we have scooter rats to contend with over here in the states, but you've got to deal with Big Wheels in yours. Man.

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People are stoked on it because Gwin didn't give up once he flatted. He continued to push as if he were still racing for something knowing that his chances of getting any points were very low. If he had throttled back and cruised like most racers would/do, no one would care. His determination and the fact he held it together are why people are impressed.

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Nice one! I love watching the World Cup coverage but its refreshing to see a feature on an adventure, away from the competitive side of the "sport."

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That's what you get for riding with wagon wheels

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That is a great set of shots and descriptions. A personal story, tales of adventures, and typical Dave Trumpore photo eye candy. This is the good stuff and unique to Vital. I'm all for seeing pictures and videos of races, fast riders, steezy style, and big lines, but the bike life is seldom covered, especially as eloquently as this. More of this, please. I love it.

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I haven't seen this helmet up close but biggest concern with putting foam of any other soft material on the outside of the helmet is the increased risk of neck injury. This has been talked about in football helmet development. While the extra layer of material on the outside will without a doubt help absorb direct impacts, it can also get caught on things and increase rotational forces on the head. Think about going over the bar and sliding down the hill. Often your head just glides right along on the hard shell of your helmet. Add in a softer outside layer and all of a sudden your head may be getting caught on the rough ground as you slide, possibly leading to neck.spine injuries. Same as football. Part of how the helmet works is that the none direct blows glance off each other.

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