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Thanks for the comments... Loving this bike...

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Added a product review for Chromag Ranger Stem 5/30/2013 9:38 AM

Sorry Thomson


The Good: So light, very stiff, many length options, wider faceplate than it looks, 0 degree rise, low stack height, Canadian Made!, killer with wide bars on any trail bike. In shorter lengths also killer lightweight stem option for your DJ bike. Could go on for days even with such a simple product. Have one on my Nomad C, and also running one on my SC Jackal. Perfect!

The Bad: Bad? Some will say price... Chromag can have my money.. Killer service from guys that ride bikes with amazing attitudes...


Chromag is flat out making impressive bits these days... This stem has opened my eyes to their entire line and I will do what I can to run Chromag parts where I can on my bikes... The Ranger is no exception, and is a quality stem with killer performance. As much as I dig Thomson stuff(killer customer service also by the way, and also North American manufacturing always a bonus), i will be running these from now on.

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Hi-Fi is ready for the Apocalypse...


The Good: Very stout, Zero flex even while running wide bars, good wide faceplate, solid Steel hardware. The way a DH/FR stem should be for single crown forks. Simple, solid construction..

The Bad: Lighter? Maybe... but I think the weight lends to it's solid feel.


Looking for a stout stem for your Mini DH rig with a single crown fork? HI-FI fits the bill to a T... Solid reliable stem, that you will set up and forget about....

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Rad Rings!


The Good: Could go on for days... Great quality, unlimited size options, tons of colors if your into that, fits 9 and 10 speed chains, taller tooth profile to hold chain, and Machined in North America to top it off. Will never run anything else.. (please never stop making these Chromag!)

The Bad: ????????????????????????????????????


Have one on all 4 bikes I own. Simple solid Chromag quality. Wish more dealers in California would carry their goods....

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Added a product review for Chromag Brandon Semenuks' 'Overture' Signature Model Saddle 5/23/2013 2:48 PM

Look no further...


The Good: Perfect shape for DJ riding, street, slopestyle, and all around ripping... Grippy, and just enough width to pinch with your legs in the air without feeling like you are running a bus seat. Killer!

The Bad: Could be lighter, but really stretching for something here. Favorite saddle for my SC Jackal.


Was running Chromag Snipe seat, because I hate over sized seats on my DJ bike. Have been avoiding even trying this saddle because it seemed to be thick and heavy. So wrong... Buy one now... You will be stoked...

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Great MTB Seat


The Good: Great shape for aggressive trail riding. Nose stays out of the way when post is down and rider is on shred duty, and great alternative spot to climb from when post is extended on long seated climbs. Light with Ti rails and durable leather cover. My newest Moon TI model came with perforated leather and is still super comfortable. Chromag makes great bits...

The Bad: Slightly firm at first use, but what high end saddle isn't... Breaks in well.


Great all-around saddle. Love the shape so much I am running TI model on my trail bike, and Moon DT model on my Entourage. Killer for trail, but makes a great lower profile DH saddle that you can still lean into. Stoked!

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Added a product review for Maxxis High Roller II Tire 5/23/2013 2:29 PM

F N A Cotton!


The Good: I was a big fan of the old HR tires, and the new HR II model leaves zero to be desired... Much more true to size now with killer sidewall and compound options. Less on or off feel through the corners and works well on a pretty wide variety of terrain. Running the 3C 2.4's on my Entourage and will never swap. They give you a ton of trust in your traction... Well done Maxxis..

The Bad: Still can't corner like Minnaar...


In short... They shred, and inspire true confidence when pushing your bikes limits. Whether you choose dual ply or single for trail or DH, can't imagine too many people being let down by these...

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Best DJ Frame on Market....


The Good: Everything... Super short stays, light, bomb proof, sick user friendly dropouts for SS use, geometry is spot on for DJ and park. Tall? No not at all. Look around, its not super cool to run low bars/80mm fork because some pro does. Does not work for everybody. Check out Martin S. or Sam Pilgrim. 120mm forks and Sam even runs high rise bars. To above reviewer.... Who designed this bike? Kirt Vories, and Jamie Goldman back when they were on Syndicate that's who... Bike has an amazing feel, if you build one up you will not be bummed.

The Bad: The fact that I want the new 2013 one with tapered headtube...


After riding Many DJ frames over the years( P series, Chase, Bank, Blk Market), this bad boy is hands down the favorite. Geometry is spot on and rips DJ trails and parks with ease. Love the adjustable dropouts for SS use and easy to runs gears as well. Running 100mm RCT Argyle, King headset, and SS 16 x 34 with Saint Cranks, XT Ice Tech Brakes, and Full Chromag components, and I will never let this one go...

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Solid Pedal


The Good: Very light, spins smooth with little noticeable friction after break in period. Good size platform.

The Bad: Traction is good but could be better with another pin style or material. They just seem thick and don't quite bite shoes as much as some others. Still very solid traction though.


Killer pedal for the money. In my opinion, works best on DJ/ Slopestyle bike. Would look for more pins for DH or trail riding. Would buy again for my Santa Cruz Jackal in a second...

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